Your “trusted partner” for managing and maintaining your home in India.

We strive to make NRI Property Management a simple, stress-free affair. Our robust platform with next-gen technology will bring you solutions serviced by experts and managed by an experienced and professional team. Try us and feel the difference!

When a House becomes a Home!

Every home needs care and attention. Sometimes it’s the little things that are tougher to get done. Especially when you are so far away. So if you did not see what you are looking for in our packages, don’t press the panic button yet! You can come to us for all your home management needs. Just let us know what you want done and we will get the groundwork done! If you would like to

  • add grills,
  • cover windows with a mosquito mesh,
  • get a fence put up,
  • have interior designing done,
  • put in a modular kitchen

All you need to do is pick and choose which services you would want. Even if you do not see what you need in our list, just give us a call, and watch us build a customized package just for your specific needs.